Nordic beauty brand LUMENE has been ranked as the most sustainable beauty brand in Finland, according to Sustainable Brand Index™ survey. The ranking is based on consumer perception.

Consumers perceive LUMENE as the most responsible beauty brand in Finland for the third consecutive year. The ranking is based on an annual Sustainable Brand Index™ consumer survey. Europe’s largest independent sustainability-focused survey focuses on environmental and social responsibility themes. The goal is to increase general awareness and encourages brands to invest in sustainability communications.

For LUMENE, the market leader in its industry for 50 years, sustainability is part of the brand DNA. Sustainable development principles are considered in the entire production chain.

“Since our product development is based on the raw materials of northern nature, environmental topics have always been important to us. We have been selected, as an only Nordic beauty company, to continue in the assessment process of a global B Corp sustainability certification,” reveals Essi Arola, R&D Manager, Sustainability and Packaging.

LUMENE Finland’s Marketing Director Milla Hyryläinen believes that consumer brands in particular have an obligation to influence society’s attitudes towards sustainable development issues.

“Sustainability is a journey which we must communicate and have an open dialogue. We want to invite everyone in Finland to join us in building a better future. No one changes the world alone.”

The 2023 survey included 228 brands from 26 different industries. In the overall results, LUMENE is ranked 41st. A total of 12,000 consumers from Finland responded to the survey.

Sustainable Brand Index™ study is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact initiative. Brands cannot influence their participation but are selected based on independent parameters from several different fields. The parameters are: market share, turnover and general brand awareness. The purpose is to study brands that consumers encounter in their everyday lives.