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Developing high-performing sustainable beauty products for a better future.

Lumene Group’s vision is to be the number one beauty company from the Nordics, recognised for our leading work in circular beauty among a wide international consumer group. We are a pioneer in the circular economy and bringing the power of the wild Nordic nature to the reach of all. We want to fulfill the needs of modern consumers through our core values of sustainability, ethical practices, and enabling everyone to achieve their own idea of beauty.

Lumene Group is the home for three Nordic beauty brands:

LUMENE, a leading Nordic beauty brand specialised in skincare, face makeup and colour cosmetics, 
CUTRIN, the expert even for the finest hair and sensitive scalp for professional use and 
IDA WARG Beauty, offering Professional Beauty Made Simple in self-tan, hair care, body care, skincare and makeup.



LUMENE blends the magic of nature, the power of light and the wisdow of science to give your skin the Nordic glow. LUMENE brand includes skincare, makeup, hair care and body care products.


CUTRIN is the pioneer and specialist for fine and thin hair in demanding climate conditions. Targeted at hair salons and other professional hair care channels as well as department stores and online stores. Styling, wash & care and color products.

Ida Warg Beauty

IDA WARG Beauty is a modern beauty brand with a focus on well-being, high-quality and modern products. The brand includes self-tanning products, hair care, skin care, makeup and nourishing body care, specifically adapted to different needs.

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3 Brands
23 Markets
83 MEUR Net Sales in 2023
333 People
1970 Founded in

"We create beauty that respects the limited resources of our planet."

Dr. Alain Mavon, Vice President, R&D and Sustainability

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