Strategic focuses

LUMENE Group’s strategic focuses 2022-2025

In 2021 Lumene Oy was acquired by the Scandinavian-based private equity company Verdane, a growth partner for ambitious companies that aim to thrive in a sustainable world. In the coming years, with the support of Verdane, the Lumene Group will continue to focus on advancing digitalisation and sustainability in both, staregic and daily operations.

The Lumene Group’s mission is to develop high-performing sustainable beauty products for a better future. Our vision is to be the No.1 beauty brand from the Nordics, recognised for the sustainable Arctic wild-crafted ingredients among a wide international consumer group.


1. Accelerating international growth

International expansion is the key focus. Successful launches in key strategic markets such as the UK, Scandinavia and China are the most important focuses in the current planning period.

2. Gaining efficiency and growth in e-commerce

A second key initiative is to gain efficiencies in e-commerce channels that have shown the most rapid growth in the past two years – both pure players and D2C. According to the mid-term forecast this trend is expected to continue.

3. Ensuring the bestselling product portfolio

On the brand and product portfolio, we continue to focus on the hero products that are the spearheads of everything we do.

4. Cherishing sustainability

The fourth part of our strategy continues to focus on sustainability, that is at the core of Lumene Group’s DNA. Side streaming and wildcrafted Arctic ingredients make usunique in the beauty industry.

5. Increasing organisational diversity

Transform the Lumene Group to a truly international organisation with a diverse team with a high digital competence and a broad cultural background.

I love working for an interesting domestic brand that offers high quality products. My personal values are in line with the company’s sustainability approach. Working with a team of ambitious professionals brings joy to the work we do every day.

Elina Falck

VALUES that guide our behaviour


We are always open, truthful, authenitic and respectful of our Nordic values.


We care about tomorrow as much as today.


We dare to be bold, have courage and the
confidence to be different.


We encourage creativity, passion and innovation to deliver true Nordic beauty to our consumers.