The latest technologies combined with the active natural ingredients.

Since the product development of Lumene Group leans on natural origin, the well-being of the environment is of our interest. We combine the latest technologies with the active ingredients of Nordic nature. Along with improving the product efficacy, LUMENE and CUTRIN aim to improve the sustainability of each new product compared to the previous launch.



Both LUMENE and CUTRIN are specialised in utilising ingredients derived from wild berries and other Nordic plants in cosmetic formulations. Nordic plants have unique properties due to the harsh conditions and unique Nordic cycle of light, which boosts the production of antioxidants in the berries and plants. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, omega fatty acids, minerals and phytosterols their natural strength is unmatched. The positive effects of Nordic plants have been a well-known fact for centuries but only during the past few decades this traditional knowledge has been scientifically evaluated.

Ingredients developed from hand picked Nordic berries, such as cloudberry, bilberry and cranberry, contain extraordinary and highly potent antioxidants. Berries combined with caring ingredients from other Nordic plants e.g. pine, spruce, birch, heather, oat and meadowsweet are essential part of our formulas for visibly luminous, hydrated and nourished skin and hair. We continuously aim to increase both the volume and diversity of local Nordic ingredients in our formulations.

In 2022, 45 different Nordic ingredients were used in LUMENE and CUTRIN products. In 2022 we added oat milk, camelina oil and nettle extract into our raw material portfolio as new Nordic ingredients. We always have few new Nordic ingredients in the R&D phase.


Adding value to the recycled or sidestreamed products is known as upcycling. Many of the Nordic ingredients have been developed from side streams of food and forest industry.

Currently, we use 45 different ingredients from the Nordic nature. Half of them are upcycled. As an example, we obtain cloudberry oil from the press cake leftover in berry juice production. It brings a significant sustainability advantage: berries do not have to be picked just to supply the cosmetics company. By using sidestreams, we also promote local partnerships and reduce waste.


45 different ingredients from nordic nature
93 % naturally derived ingredients in skincare
20 upcycled ingredients from the Nordic nature
29 sidestream ingredients in total

In 2022 we added oat milk, camelina oil and nettle extract into our raw material portfolio as new Nordic ingredients.

Kristofer Vänttinen, R&D Manager



Consumer safety is the main principle in the developing, manufacturing and marketing our products.

Safety of all Lumene Group products is confirmed by a qualified safety assessor. As the EU cosmetic regulation requires, we do not carry out or commission animal testing on raw materials, ingredients or LUMENE makeup and skincare products or CUTRIN hair cosmetics at any point in the product development or manufacturing process.

Our testing procedures are based on long experience in cosmetics development. Cosmetic product safety is based on the safety of the ingredients it contains. Exposure, characteristics, stability, microbiological quality and toxicological profile of each ingredient are evaluated. In addition, the safety of the final product is also assessed.

The label contains all relevant information on proper and safe use of the product, list of the ingredients, durability as well as batch numbering for traceability. Products are manufactured according to ISO 22716 (Cosmetics, Good Manufacturing Practices, also known as cGMP) which is a globally recognised standard for cosmetic product safety. It gives guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products.

Once the product has been launched into the market, performance is monitored to further confirm its safety.


Dr. Alain Mavon

VP, R&D & Sustainability