300 international talents in six countries

With us, you get to work together with a variety of experts who innovate and produce beauty products for international markets. Currently our team consists of 300 international talents in six countries. Our HQ, research laboratory and factory are located in Espoo, Finland.

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Right now I am in my dream job at LUMENE. I appreciate the possibility to influence and grow in my function and role. The working environment is supportive and I love working with fun and ambitious colleagues.

Eliisa Kasi

Talents in different operations

R&D and quality assurance

Our approach to skin care and beauty starts with Nordic nature and the unique ingredients it offers. We follow the latest trends and research in order to innovate and develop products that are effective and help our customers feel good. In addition to product development and Nordic ingredient research, our team is responsible for product safety and high quality.

Production and operative functions

At our factory in Espoo, we manufacture the products, pack them with semi-automatic filling lines and ensure the quality of the products. The company’s quality system and good manufacturing practices (GMP) ensure the quality of our operations and that our customers receive the products they want in a timely manner.

The procurement team is responsible for the procurement of components and products critical to Lumene’s operations. Demand planning, on the other hand, takes care of forecasting sales throughout the group and ensures that the plans meet the inventory requirements.

Sales and marketing

Our global and country-based sales and marketing teams breathe and live the brand and values. The sales teams include employees both at the office and fields b y being in tight interaction with our consumers and customers. Our marketing talents provides their passion on product development, consumer experience, brand visualization, and co-operation with media and social media influencers, and, thus, cover the versatile marketing field.

Global operations

The Lumene Group is a strong and successful thanks to our wonderful employees. The task of the HR team is to help every employee and supervisor in everyday situations. The team is also responsible for long-term strategic personnel projects.

Our financial team consists of both the financial management team and the business control team. The financial management is responsible for Lumene’s accounting and financing, and ensuring that we operate in accordance with policies and laws, and managing financial risks. The Business Control team collects, interprets and reports the company’s financial data so that decision-making is based on up-to-date information.

Our IT team ensures that the information systems work and Lumene’s employees have the best tools for smooth work in all functions. In addition, IT actively updates and develops the system entirety.


Every year we offer internships to students and recent graduates in their early stage at the career. Job advertisement for internships are published on our website. We have had interns in various positions in sales, marketing, product development and quality assurance in recent years.

Interns are always genuine team members. They are provided a comprehensive on-boarding and support during the period. Collaborative team spirit and flexible culture support them becoming inclusive in the team and organization.