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The European Green Deal aims for Europe to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050, and the goal is to have more sustainable usage and processing of raw-materials. The Lumene Group actively collaborates with other companies and research organisations for developing new innovations.


univerity of oulu

The Lumene Group and University of Oulu started joint projects more than 15 years ago. The collaboration deepened in 2009, when MITY planned and started a project related to the utilisation of lingonberry sidestream material from the berry industry.

University of Oulu is the main university in Northern Finland with 13,800 students and over 3,700 employees. The university has five focus areas in research, two of them being sustainable materials and systems, and changing climate and Northern environment. Unit of Measurement Technology (MITY) belongs to Kajaani University Consortium and is focused on applied research and collaboration with companies from various fields. Our research projects are clustered to two large themes, Cleantech and Health & well-being. In both topics, natural resources have a central role. MITY participates in research projects also including innovative local SMEs. In the projects, MITY develops new products and product ideas utilising berries, other wild plants, or sidestreams of berry and forest industry.

As a result, we developed an innovative method for extracting phenolic fractions from the lingonberry peel material. The Lumene Group got interested in a certain fraction and that interest led to the use of the ingredient in its products, still used in LUMENE Nordic Bloom [LUMO] range. The method and cosmetic use has been patented. Even today, MITY carries out special analytics for the batches of lingonberry extract that are used in LUMENE products, ensuring extract’s high-quality. MITY and LUMENE have a close collaboration that has been continuous, productive and effective from the beginning.

We are proud to collaborate with LUMENE who understands the value of sustainable partnerships and innovation. We share the passion to create solutions that protect the environment while meeting the highest quality requirements.

Suvi Haimi, CEO & Co-founder, Sulapac



By 2025 80% of all LUMENE packaging will be made from recycled plastic or biobased materials. As a step on our journey towards achieving this ambitious goal, we have partnered with Sulapac Ltd – a Finnish startup producing sustainable packaging material alternative to traditional plastics.

Our long partnership with Sulapac resulted in a product launch in 2022 when we introduced our first limited edition products to use a Sulapac jar, made of biobased and biodegreadable material. LUMENE is among the first beauty brands in the world to use Sulapac jar to pack skincare formulations containing water. We launched our bestselling Nordic-C [Valo] Glow Reveal Moisturiser and Nordic Hydra [Lähde] Intense Hydration 24h Moisturiser in Sulapac jar in limited distribution in Finland. Both the jar and the creams are biobased and made with renewable and upcycled, naturally derived materials.

Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of the environmental impacts of their consumption. They are expecting beauty brands to provide new, more sustainable solutions that help them reduce the carbon footprint of their beauty routines. As a pioneer in sustainability, the research and development of new packaging solutions that can shape the future of the cosmetics packaging is a priority for LUMENE. The partnership with Sulapac has gained a lot of positive feedback from both consumers and our trade partner, which encourages us to keep innovating in this area. Through this successful pilot project we have been able to explore the use of biobased and biodegradable materials in our cosmetics packaging.


Dr. Alain Mavon

VP, R&D & Sustainability