LUMENE, a leader in circular beauty, and the Swedish recycling app Bower are starting a collaboration in Finland. LUMENE’s packaging can now be recycled at recycling points using a mobile phone, and consumers can earn money in the process.

LUMENE aims to create beauty that respects the limited resources of our planet. The Nordic beauty brand has been pioneering circularity for over 20 years and counting.

Circularity is also emphasized in LUMENE’s packaging choices. LUMENE is focusing on sustainability for example in packaging development by reducing the use of packaging materials, increasing the recyclability of packaging, and utilizing recycled plastics and glass and renewable materials.

Now LUMENE is starting a collaboration with the Swedish recycling app Bower in Finland. In Sweden and Norway, the app has been available to LUMENE’s customers since March 2023.

The app allows users to recycle empty LUMENE cosmetic packaging using mobile phone. The service is easy to use: The barcode of the recyclable LUMENE product packaging is scanned at the nearest ordinary recycling station or one’s own waste container. All LUMENE packages with a barcode are suitable for recycling.

The app also rewards recycling efforts. Consumers are rewarded with points or money to withdraw to own bank account, donate to a charity, or get discounts on future purchases.

“Every recycled package is important. To become fully circular throughout the product lifecycle, we need to have consumers on board. With the Bower app, we’re able to offer consumers a service that enables the easy and proper recycling of LUMENE packaging. Through this collaboration, we actively encourage consumers to tangibly track the environmental impact of their choices,” says Essi Arola, Head of R&D, Packaging and Sustainability at LUMENE.  

Starting from June 2024, consumers will be rewarded with five times the points for recycling LUMENE packaging in the Bower app.