Supply chain

Local production as a comptetitive advantage.


The Lumene Group’s own factory manufactures 85% of its products. In 2022, 15 million skincare, colour cosmetics and haircare products were produced in our factory in Espoo, Finland.

Local production is an important value to us and a strategic choice to have control over manufacturing. In-house product development and production give us a great advantage in steering and controlling the sustainability of our supply chain. Decision making is fast and straightforward.

Facts and figures

110 employees in the supply chain
13500 sqm production facility in finland
85 % of products produced in the own factory
15 million products produced in the own factory
92 % of factory emission cuts between 2019-2021

long-term supplier relationships

We work in close collaboration with material and service providers.

Lumene Group’s supplier relations are long-term. All our partners commit to the Partner Code of Conduct. We mostly work with European suppliers, but especially chemical raw materials are sourced globally. There are roughly 100 first tier suppliers and 150 second tier raw material manufacturers. The packaging components are mainly European with focus on mid-sized family-owned businesses.

New suppliers are considered after a set process and approvals.

sustainable sourcing

ensuring safety while minimising environmental impact

Product quality and safety is of an utmost importance throughout the value chain – from product development to production and use.

  • We favour naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients.
  • We favour local partners and Nordic ingredients when possible.
  • We favour ingredients upcycled from sidestreams, e.g. food and forest industries.
  • We aim to reduce animal-derived ingredients, ecotoxic ingredients and ingredients that may cause deforestation.
  • We don’t accept animal testing in our products or use ingredients that have been tested on animals anywhere in the world.

Minimising the environmental impact while ensuring product safety are the main priorities when choosing packaging for our products. We constantly innovate to minimise the use of excess packaging material, maximise packaging recyclability, and to utilise the use of recycled and renewable materials in all areas possible. We are constantly looking for new ecological materials.

We expect our suppliers to set goals and continuously improve their sustainability performance. The Lumene Group supports all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provided by the United Nations in its sustainability work.