Nordic beauty brand LUMENE starts collaboration with a Swedish recycling app Bower. Consumers are offered a financial incentive for recycling their empty cosmetics packaging.  

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LUMENE aims to create beauty that respects the limited resources of our planet – it has been pioneering circularity for over 20 years and counting. In recent years, the company has taken big leaps in packaging development by introducing lightweight jars, refills, as well as recycled and biobased materials in beauty product packaging.

Recyclable packages do not always end up being recycled. According to Swedish EPA, only 33% of all plastics in Sweden were recycled in 2021, when the national goal was 50%.

“To become fully circular throughout the product lifecycle, we need to have consumers on board. Recycling must be made simple and easy – therefore we have partnered with Bower. Offering a tangible reward is the most efficient way to change consumption habits quickly,” says Charlotta Sylvén, Vice President Scandinavia, LUMENE.

Bower and the Swedish Packaging Collection Service, FTI, have joined forces in a collaboration aiming to increase sorting and recycling of household packaging. By using Bower app at ordinary recycling stations consumers are rewarded with points or money to withdraw to own bank account, donate to a charity, or get discounts on future purchases.

The service becomes available for LUMENE products from March 2023 in Sweden.