LUMENE is among the world’s first cosmetics brands to launch moisturisers in fully bio-based, biodegradable jars. The cooperation with the Finnish packaging material developer Sulapac has continued for over four years.

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​The Nordic cosmetics company LUMENE strives for inside-out bio-based products. Committed to circular economy, LUMENE aims to have 80% of its packaging made from recycled plastics or renewable raw materials by the year 2025. The company keeps investigating the suitability of various materials for cosmetic packaging on a long-term basis.

A pilot batch of LUMENE’s most-loved face creams, Nordic-C [VALO] Glow Reveal and Nordic Hydra [LÄHDE] Intense Hydration 24H will be available in the new bio-based jars at Kesko’s K-Citymarkets and internationally in LUMENE’s online store from April 2022.

The bio-based jar is the choice of the conscious consumer. It is made out of upcycled Nordic FSC®-certified wood, bio-based and biodegradable biopolymers and naturally occurring clay minerals.


LUMENE is the world’s first cosmetics brand to utilise Sulapac’s new protective barrier developed for the inner surface of cosmetic jars. Previously, bio-based jars made out of biodegradable material have faced challenges with the rapid water evaporation. Therefore, it has not been considered for wider use in water-based cosmetics. LUMENE’s pilot is an investment in the future the cosmetics industry.

“The primary function of packaging is to protect the product. As a result of an extensive product development, we can now guarantee a 9-month shelf life of the face cream in this bio-based jar. This can be considered a significant milestone in packaging development,” says Essi Arola, Head of R&D, Packaging at LUMENE.

“With the pilot, we have been able to study the suitability of various packaging materials in our own products. At the same time, we also get valuable insight on consumers’ attitudes towards such innovations,” says Tiina Isohanni, VP R&D and Sustainability at LUMENE.