The Finnish Innovation Index (FII), carried out by Hanken School of Economics, ranks the most innovative companies in Finland. Lumene is among the top in both social innovation and commercial innovation.

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Annually conducted Finnish Innovation Index survey had 5,000 consumers to identify the most innovative companies in Finland. A total of 64 companies from 19 different industries were evaluated and ranked. Key metrics included value proposition, customer experience, customer loyalty and company attractiveness. Companies themselves could not influence their participation.

FII surveyed the perception of both social and commercial innovation activities. Lumene Group ranks the first in social innovation that refers to the positive effects on the environment and wider society. In commercial innovation, Lumene Group ranks the 4th.

“Our mission is to develop high-performing sustainable beauty products for a better future. A business with a clear purpose attracts and retains a winning team that can make a real difference to consumers. I am happy to see that our cross-functional innovation work is recognised. Looking at our pipeline of future innovations, I feel confident that LUMENE will continue to excite consumers while leading the circular movement within the beauty industry!” says Adrian Innergård, CEO of Lumene Group.

The results emphasise that innovations that offer solutions to society’s major challenges, differentiates companies from their competitors and increases customer loyalty. See TOP10 listings for both categories here.