The Finnish Innovation Index (FII), carried out by Hanken School of Economics, ranks the most innovative companies in Finland. Lumene Group is among social innovators.

Annually conducted the Finnish Innovation Index (FII) measures company innovativeness from a consumer perspective among customers who have purchased or used the products of the included companies during the last six months.

Lumene Group’s Vice President of R&D and Sustainability, Dr. Alain Mavon, participated in Hanken’s Innovation index panel discussion “Innovation for a Sustainable World” on 25th of April, where the results of the survey were also released.

The FII 2024 ranking is based on more than 23 000 responses from over 5800 consumers who evaluated the innovativeness and attractiveness of 77 companies and organizations in 17 different categories. Companies themselves could not influence their participation.

FII surveyed the perception of both social and commercial innovation activities. Lumene Group ranks the sixth in social innovation that refers to the positive effects on the environment and wider society. This means that consumers perceive Lumene Group as a driver of positive social and environmental change.

In addition, this year, the FII introduces a new dimension: responsibility and fairness of marketing practices.

The results emphasize that innovations that offer solutions to society’s major challenges, differentiates companies from their competitors and increases customer loyalty.

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Innovation Index 2024 Panelists: Communication Manager Johanna Uimonen from Scandic Finland, CEO Petteri Ruska from MeEat Food Tech Oy and Vice President of &D and Sustainability, Dr. Alain Mavon from Lumene Group.