The Nordic beauty company LUMENE Group has chosen Adrian Innergård as the new CEO. Innergård will start in his new role in May 2023.

Adrian Innergård and Johan Berg

LUMENE Group has chosen a strong international growth leader, Adrian Innergård as the new CEO.
Innergård joins the company from the role of CEO, Perrigo Northern Europe and Global D2C.

Current CEO of the LUMENE Group, Johan Berg, retires in May yet continues his LUMENE journey
as a member of the board.

“The past five years at this great company have been just incredible. The achievements reached with this
team is something we can all be proud of. I am convinced that Adrian, together with the team, will continue
the progressive development of LUMENE and further build on the internationalisation of this amazing brand.
A humble thanks to all team members and retail partners for making the past years as good as they have been!” says Johan Berg.

LUMENE has dominated the Finnish beauty market for 50 years and showed dynamic growth in Scandinavia
for many years. The focuses continue being acceleration of international growth as well as gaining efficiency
and growth in e-commerce. Ensuring the best-performing, sustainable product portfolio is considered key for
the success.

“From the outside, it has been fascinating to observe LUMENE driving the Finnish beauty industry and being
recognized as a true leader in sustainable beauty. I have never seen a stronger beauty brand in any market in the world. Seeing the continuous growth in Finland and the traction of the brand in new markets, I am excited to jump onboard with the passionate and professional LUMENE team. I am confident that LUMENE has the potential of becoming the next big export success. Together with the team, we are committed to unleash the full potential of this fantastic brand backed by strong ownership,” says Adrian Innergård.

In 2022, according to the unconfirmed consolidated financial statements LUMENE Group’s turnover
reached 77.3 million euros. Despite the macroeconomic turbulence, the sales grew by a staggering +14%,
excluding Russia.

Since 2021, the majority owner of LUMENE Group has been Verdane, a Scandinavian based private equity
company, whose portfolio especially includes companies seeking dynamic growth and investing in sustainability.