LUMENE Group as an employer

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LUMENE Group is focused on ensuring that we are a great place to work for diverse talents who can grow together with the company and experience their work as meaningful. LUMENE Group has diverse professionals working together under the same roof and around the world.

We believe that an inclusive culture attracts diversity and boosts well-being, innovation, and productivity. Our personnel is highly valued part of our social responsibility.

LUMENE Group personnel

330 employees
6 countries
10 nationalities
82 % of female employees
76 % of permanent employees
3189 training hours

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our employer value proposition

Meaningful Work

Our brand is the embodiment of our collective vision and purpose. We are inspired by its values and are deeply proud to represent it. Together, we’re dedicated to creating sustainable beauty products that inspire and empower our customers.

Collaborative Agility

We believe that small teams can achieve big things. We’re proud to have built a culture that prioritizes collaboration, creativity and innovation, even as we continue to grow. You have the chance to work on challenging and rewarding projects alongside talented colleagues, all while enjoying the flexibility and autonomy of a small team environment.

Emphasizing Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in fostering a workplace culture where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. We value diversity and individuality, and we strive to create an environment where each person is welcomed to bring their unique perspectives and strengths to the table.

Growth Mindset

At our small and agile organization, learning and development are central. We offer diverse tasks and projects that encourage teamwork and career advancement. Many employees have increased their skills by moving to new positions within the organization. We value versatile skills and knowledge-sharing, and offer 6-12 month internships for early-career professionals to gain comprehensive experience.

Flexible Ways of Working and Well-being

We highly value the time we spend collaborating and innovating together. Our hybrid model provides the flexibility for individuals to work remotely or in-person. Regularly organized company and team-building activities promote strong relationships and innovative thinking. While we are deeply committed to our work, we recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We support the well-being of our personnel by offering training, comprehensive occupational health care, mental well-being service, paid care leave and other benefits, such as well-being benefit and products at staff prices.